In addition to organic methods, Sire also helps initiate and maintain pay-per-click (PPC) ads to increase site traffic. PPC advertising is one of the easiest ways to measure the effectiveness of your advertising dollars. Sire suggests beginning with a Google AdWords account and then expanding your PPC campaign to consider Bing and others in the future. Sire can assist you with all aspects of your Google AdWords PPC campaign beginning with setting up your account to working with you to select the most appropriate keywords, developing your text ads, and managing the account to ensure the desired result is achieved. One of the major benefits of AdWords is that you set your budget and only pay when a visitor clicks on your ad. Sire can work with you to make the most of this highly effective method of driving increased traffic to your site.

Like Search Engine Optimization, many factors contribute to PPC effectiveness:

  1. It is important to use single keyword ad groups.
  2. Use negative keywords to ensure your ad isn’t showing for irrelevant searches.
  3. Optimize your landing page content and experience by making it visually appealing, using consistent keywords, and designing the page to be user-friendly.
  4. Target bottom-of-the-funnel keywords to bring in consumers who are more likely to convert with pricing and service-oriented words.
  5. Use high-converting ad formats such as shopping ads or videos.
  6. Personalize your ads to create an emotional connection with potential customers.
  7. Initiate retargeting campaigns to continue marketing to interested customers.

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